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Saving bees

Our aim has always been to reduce waste and we recently came up with an innovative use for our insulation off-cuts that helps local bees stay warm.

We’ve been donating our insulating material to a not-for-profit company whose sole aim is to reverse the decline of the UK bee population. They use the pieces of polystyrene we give them to weatherproof bee hives.

A spokesman says: “Bees die if they suffer too many adverse weather conditions. The polystyrene donated by Pioneer is used inside the roof of the hive to prevent heat loss, it stops frost forming around it in the winter and allows rain to drain away swiftly preventing damp.”

We are also donating our off-cuts to companies to use as packaging material.

Interesting fact – when we first started out, we would produce enough waste to fill a skip. Now, thanks to precision cutting methods and donating our scraps, we barely produce enough to fill a single coffee cup!

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