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Case Studies

Our happy customers share their experiences with Pioneer Insulation

"The finish on the house is fantastic."

The owners of a 1940s semi wanted insulation that would fit in with their building work.

Problem: The owners had spent seven months redeveloping the house and wanted insulation that would fit in with the building work.

Remedy:  External wall insulation

Results: “The finish on the house is fantastic,” says owner Ted. “The team’s attention to detail is extremely impressive. They obviously take great pride in their work and are real perfectionists. They were also totally flexible and fitted in with our building work. They were a pleasure to work with, I don’t have a bad word to say about them.”

"The property is totally transformed."

A 1940s house had been extended and parts of it were not insulated.

Problem: The house had been extended and parts of it were not insulated. Owner Adrian also wanted to improve the look of the place.

Remedy: We fitted external wall insulation to the back of the house.

The results: “We are so pleased with the job Pioneer did. The back of the property looks great. It is totally transformed and so warm and cosy inside. What impressed me most was the level of service we got from Andrei and his team. We have never experienced that with a building company before. They did exactly what they said they would and were a pleasure to have around.”

"The workmanship was excellent."

Water was seeping into the render of a new build. 

Problem: Water was seeping in at the point where some structural cedar cladding met the render.

Remedy: External wall insulation was added with vertical cedar slats to complete the finish.

Results: “It looks great. They did a really professional job and we’d thoroughly recommend them. The workmanship was excellent,’ says owner Will.

"It feels as if we have given our house a new lease of life."

Homeowners hated the original 1970s cladding on their house and it was hard to heat.

Problem: It looked dated thanks to the original 1970s plastic cladding. It was also very hot in the summer months and freezing in the winter.

Remedy: External wall insulation.

Results: “It feels as if we have given our house a new lease of life,” says owner Rebecca. “It is as if we have given it a swift kick into the 21st century. It looks very slick and all our neighbours are impressed by the way it looks. The house feels more substantial, it’s more soundproof and so much warmer.”

"The mould that grew around the windows has gone."

A 1930s four-bed semi had a serious damp problem in the living room and it felt cold in the winter.

Problem: There was damp in the front room, it was expensive to heat and looked scruffy on the outside.

Remedy: External wall insulation

Results: “It looks as if somebody has picked my house up from somewhere else and dropped it down. It looks so much smarter than some of the others in my road. The mould that grew around the windows in the front room has gone and we’ve been able to redecorate,” says owner Toni.

"I was ashamed of our house before."

A two bedroomed 1930s house suffered from cold and damp and needed replacement render.

Problem: The render needed replacing and damp inside was causing the plaster to crumble. It was also very cold in the winter.

Remedy: We fitted our revolutionary external wall insulation

The results: “I was ashamed of our house before and now it looks incredible,” says owner Terry. “To be honest, it used to be a depressing place to live and I can’t get over the difference the insulation has made. It looks really smart, like a different house. It’s much warmer and was finally able to redecorate as the damp has gone.”

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