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Severe or long-term health conditions

This grant is non-means tested and is currently available to those who live in and around Greater London, Surrey, Windsor and Maidenhead, Three Rivers District Council (South-West Hertfordshire and Rickmansworth) and Watford. If you live in or near to one of the listed areas, please get in touch. We are continuously expanding the areas where we are able to offer these grants.

Do you suffer from a severe or long term condition that can be described as either of the following?

  • A cardiovascular condition
  • A respiratory disease
  • Limited mobility related
  • Immunosuppression

If so, you may qualify for a grant of £16,000 towards the cost of external wall insulation through the ECO4 Flex scheme.

Insulating the outside walls of your house would cut your energy bills, banish damp and mould problems and leave your home feeling warm and cosy, even in the coldest of winter months.

To be eligible for the grant, you will need a referral from a medical practitioner. Your GP or Consultant must verify that you have such health conditions and that you may be adversely affected by inhabiting a cold home.

The £16,000 grant would cover the full cost of the works on a typical two-bedroom mid-terrace house.

For a three-bedroom semi-detached, it would cover around two thirds of the cost, meaning the householder would need to cover around £8,000 (the total cost of the works would be £24,000).

If you would like to apply for the grant, consult your medical practitioner and ask for a confirmation letter. A standard format is required and our friendly team can make this available on request. Please get in touch and we can share the most up to date version of the standard letter. The GP must print this on a headed paper, include their email address, the surgery’s stamp, as well as their signature.  

Once you receive the letter of referral, we can then guide you through the grant process. Please contact us at 01932 221 209 or via enquiries@pioneerinsulation.co.uk 

ECO4 Flex is a strand of the Energy Company Obligation whereby energy companies work in collaboration with their selected installers and bodies such as Local Authorities, Charities and Citizens Advice to broaden the ECO4 qualification criteria to those in most need.

Why choose Pioneer Insulation?

We are an award-winning, family run business based in Surrey, renowned for our high standards of workmanship and customer service. All our projects are subject to quality control by the BBA and we are committed to supporting vulnerable people, most recently through the Great British Insulation Scheme and the ECO4 and ECO Flex Schemes.

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Grants available for those with severe or long-term health conditions.
We have a wide range of grants available, both means and non-means tested.

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