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Loft insulation

Loft insulation is great value – it is the most cost effective way to make your home warmer and start making savings on energy bills.

Why choose loft insulation?

Loft insulation is the most efficient way to warm up your home this winter.

A quarter of a home’s heat is lost through the loft when it isn’t insulated properly and per £, loft insulation is the most cost effective way of making your home warmer and saving on heating bills. The good news is, it can be done in one day with minimal disruption.

When we insulate a loft, we lay mineral wool on the floor of the loft space. Current standards require your loft insulation to be at least 270mm thick, but we always aim for a minimum of 300mm and use a Knauf mineral wool with ECOSE technology – this is far superior to the traditionally used yellow glass wool as it contains no dye and has exceptional thermal, acoustic and fireproof properties.

Before we start your loft insulation, we will move belongings carefully, lay plastic protection on your floors and make sure we leave your property in an immaculate condition.

Why choose Pioneer

We create the perfect balance between insulation and effective ventilation, which can otherwise cause condensation and damage the timber structure of the roof

We deal with electricity cables, lighting protection, insulating heating systems etc, to ensure that your loft space is safe

The loft can be finished with boarding as required. Current standards require insulation to be thicker than the height of the joists, which means we would raise the joists to accommodate the boards

We insulate and draughtproof your loft hatch. If necessary we can change the hatch and ladder

We respect your property – we lay suitable protection before we do the work and clean up after ourselves, so you can instantly enjoy your warm and cosy home


  • The job was done to a very high standard; quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption or mess. I would highly recommend Pioneer Insulation to anyone. A professional and friendly company to deal with.

    Loft insulation
  • The work was completed to an excellent standard, in good time and with tidiness and friendliness. We greatly appreciate the quality of work and the way everything was explained clearly and simply. We would highly recommend this company.

    Boiler replacement.
  • Professional team, worked quickly and efficiently. I had constant contact with the office and was kept up to date with all aspects of the work and when each part would take place.

    Exterior chimney breast repaired.
    Walton on Thames

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