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Do you crave a warm and cosy park home with no traces of damp or condensation and lower heating bills, where you feel cocooned and protected from the elements,

I didn’t think the look of it could be any better, but Pioneer proved me wrong. It looks fantastic now!

Trevor Kent has lived in his Park Home at Mytchett Park for three years and decided to apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme after his neighbour had done so. Trevor, 70 had already gutted his home and made significant improvements, and even though he had added interior insulation, the place could be cold during the winter months.

Initially, he wasn’t sure about having new external render, because as a painter and decorator by trade, he painted the outside of his home regularly and was happy with the shade of grey it has been for the past few years.

Pioneer Insulation however, assured Trevor that he could choose to have any paint finish he desired.

“I used to paint it in special paint and it would take three days to do it. I didn’t think the look of it could be any better, but Pioneer proved me wrong. It looks fantastic now,” he says.

What impressed Trevor the most about Pioneer Insulation’s work, was the fact that as a customer, he was listened to.

“If I had any problems, Andrei who runs Pioneer, said they could be fixed. The whole team were brilliant. He came out with a couple of guys to clean my windows at the end of the job and made sure I was 100% happy,” says Trevor.

Trevor is pleased with how his home looks, but most of all, he predicts a reduction in heating bills.

“I turned my heating off before the weather warmed up, because I didn’t need it. The external wall insulation has made such a difference. I can see it is going to have a real impact on my fuel bill and it couldn’t have come at a better time,” he says. 

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No more cold walls or chilly mornings for park home owner

Retired engineer William Thackeray, 89 is proud of his park home in Camberley, Surrey.

Since moving in 33-years-ago, he has given the outside a new coat of paint every three years and inside, he has made lots of improvements. However, it was not well insulated and would always feel cold on winter mornings and that is where Pioneer Insulation stepped in.

Founder Andrei Tartza and his team had been working on similar homes at Mytchett Park and asked William if he was eligible for the Green Home Grants scheme. He had never heard of it, so Andrei explained how it works and had a form sent to him.

As he is on disability benefits, William was entitled to a full grant from the Government to insulate his home.

“I got a list of approved installers, but Pioneer Insulation had worked on a few other homes near mine and neighbours only had good things to say about them, so they were my choice and I have to say, I have never met a more polite and tidy bunch of workers. They cleaned up after themselves every day,” says William.

The team installed external wall insulation to Willliam’s home and they also fitted window vents and a fan in the bathroom.

“I was amazed by the results,” says William. “It really looks absolutely super. Every time I drive up, I am struck by how good it looks. The silicone render they used has such a wonderful finish.”

Inside, William has noticed the rooms are much warmer and for the first time ever, he has turned the heating down on cold spring days.

 “It is so much warmer,” he says. “The walls always felt cold, but they don’t any more. It’s especially warm on a sunny day because the heat doesn’t escape. I’ve had to turn my heating down when it’s been cold outside and that’s never happened before. It couldn’t have come at a better time either because the price of Calor gas has just gone up by 25p a litre. I think I am really going to see the benefit when it comes to my heating bills this winter.  I am absolutely delighted with the way Pioneer Insulation have transformed my home and feel fortunate that I struck up a conversation with Andrei, or else I would never have benefitted from the Green Home Grants scheme.”

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