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Damp problems

Don’t spend money on damp proofing you don’t need – we’ll use our expertise to find the cause of the problem and offer an affordable solution

Damp problems can be tricky to diagnose

We are like detectives when it comes to damp

Damp can be a tricky problem to solve as the causes can often be unexpected and hidden. There is rarely ever just one cause of damp and the issues tend to compound over time – we will identify all of these and can find a solution to suit your budget. Sometimes, unscrupulous companies offer a damp proofing course injection when it isn’t really needed. We do offer damp proofing, but only after we have ruled out every other possible cause of your damp issue.

We understand damp because we understand homes. We’re not just experts in insulation – we have teams who fit windows and doors and we work with expert plumbers, roofers and builders. We pride ourselves on our damp detection abilities and we’ve saved customers £££s by helping them to avoid treatments that aren’t necessary.

When you ask Pioneer to look at your damp problem, you’ll be offered the right solution meaning that your damp will disappear for good. 

We solved a damp puzzle that had persisted for almost a decade


Yvette’s Croydon home had suffered with damp for nine years and despite calling in a string of experts, nobody had ever correctly identified the cause. “We were told it was rising damp, water coming in from the neighbour’s house and moisture seeping in from the outside wall. Everybody had a different answer,” says Yvette. Pioneer visited Yvette’s Victorian semi with a range of damp detecting technology. We worked out that the problem was caused by the chimney. It was cracked and there was a hole in it. Pioneer repaired the chimney and Yvette has finally been able to dry out the brickwork and decorate her home, knowing that the damp won’t return. “It was such a relief. They completed the work quickly and did a really good job,” she says.



The three types of damp that can be eliminated with external wall insulation

Did you know that insulation can help prevent three types of damp?

 Condensation is the biggest cause of damp in all types of properties and insulating from the outside with external wall insulation can eliminate it. This is because moisture is formed when heat hits a cold surface, such as brickwork that isn’t insulated. Once external wall insulation has been fitted, your walls will never be cold. 

Penetrating damp is the second most common cause of damp in the home. It occurs when moisture seeps through masonry and can also be combated with external wall insulation, which provides a water repellent coat and crack-free render.

Rising damp  is caused by water seeping in at the base of the building and rising up the walls and our insulated plinth solution can help prevent it.

We helped one couple get rid of damp and mould for good!

Sarah and Paul explain how Pioneer Insulation solved the damp problem that blighted their home.

What rising damp does to a property


If rising damp is affecting your home, we will recommend a DryZone injection treatment. It’s a problem that needs to be dealt with swiftly as it can cause a number of issues, such as: 

Ruining your decor – moisture and ground salts in the rising damp can cause wallpaper to peel, plaster to deteriorate, and paint to blister

Ill health – it is well known that damp can be bad for your health

Weakens the structure of your property  – ground salts that soak into the wall because of rising damp can dissolve the binders in brick, stone, and mortar causing them to lose their strength

Cold rooms – bricks that get wet can cause heat to be lost from your home

A DryZone treatment is expected to remain effective for at least 20 years, as per relevant BBA certificate. Insurance backed guarantees are available on request

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